Being a lifelong resident of Fairfield and former council member & Mayor, I hope to again, have the opportunity to serve the residents and businesses of Fairfield. I humbly ask for your vote on the general, November 5, 2013 ballot.

As I believe Fairfield is a great place to live and work, my main goal would be to continue working with council and city staff to make our home the best it can be by upholding the high standards we have set for ourselves. It’s important that we improve and strengthen our infrastructure, maintain the excellent public safety force and work for a quality of life that all can enjoy. All of which must be accomplished by being good stewards of the taxpayer dollar, achieving the most efficient & cost effective government in this challenging economy.

I feel I bring the experience and knowledge to work with others, leading our community in the direction that best serves our current and future needs.


Steve Miller for Mayor

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